An Australian Ashes adventure

If you should need an excuse to go to Australia in our winter for some Australian summer sun, what better time than to combine a few weeks “down under” with some test cricket between the two old rivals England and Australia.

For many enthusiasts, of course, a nice eight week trip to Australia touring the cricket grounds as well as the other attractions is pretty luxurious, but for most people, a two three or four-week trip will have to be what they must settle for. See: Series & Tournaments |

So where do you go if you are going for a two or three week trip?

Of course, if you have relations in Australia it will be settled for you no doubt, but if not what are the options? Sydney is the most popular venue and has a tremendous amount to offer.

It has just about everything a visitor might desire: great surf beaches, world-class cuisine, a flamboyant nightlife, high-end shopping, art galleries, museums, and of course the Opera House.


Melbourne is about as “English” as any city in Australia is, well the climate can be with all four seasons in a day, but nonetheless it has a lot going for it, forget the changeable weather, it has fine food, theatre and of course the city stops when the traditional Boxing Day Test at the “G” Melbourne Cricket Ground to you and me takes place.

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Perth is as different as you could get from Sydney and Melbourne, with a Mediterranean lifestyle” based around sailing, dining and the beach and enjoying a fantastic climate of more days of sunshine than any other Australian city, this can be described as a true European enclave and pretty irresistible. Visit Perth.


Brisbane is another great place to visit. The perfect climate, friendly people and booming businesses are just some of the many reasons to take a look around. An example of a booming business is Explorer 4WD Motorhomes. This successful business is led by industry experts who are able to offer you advice on the best motorhomes for your travelling needs. Take a look at their vision range.

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