Magnificent views and Things to Do in Sydney

The Delta Travel team are keen travellers and many staff members have visited Australia. This blog post has been created to show you how brilliant Sydney is and to give you advice about where to go whilst you are down under.

How to See the Sights

There are many ways to get acquainted with a new city, but catching a view from a prime summit is an exhilarating way to expose yourself to a panoramic view of the city’s visual splendours in their entirety.

Such an experience can be achieved on a lunchtime Sydney Harbour cruise with Good Time Harbour Cruises. These cruises offer an exhilarating experience while enabling you to see the many wonderful views of the city. Find out more.

What Can You Do in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, home to several thriving gardens and the massive harbour that can be overlooked by standing atop the Sydney harbour bridge.

You can climb the Sydney Bridge for a glorious view of many of Sydney’s ocular wonders, including a view of the Sydney Opera House and the Circular Quay. Right near the bridge you will find yourself on the north side of the Circular Quay, the hub of the harbour, which provides a spectacular view of the bridge.

On the south of the quay is a walkway leading right to the Sydney Opera House as well as the Royal Botanic Gardens, which is the most central of the three major botanical gardens open to the public in Sydney.