The best holiday destinations to visit

Many of us can’t help but to look ahead and plan the holiday destinations which could await us – but what are the best destinations?

1. Europe

As the aforementioned top five destinations are all part of Europe it seems logical to make it the top destination for 2019. Spain is still considered the main destination in this continent as around 18 million British tourists visit there each year.

Holidays in Spain have continued to be popular over recent years, offering visitors the chance to relax on exquisite beaches whilst enjoying the active bustling nightlife of some of the country’s most popular regions and resorts. These areas include tourist hot spots such as Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza with villas in Majorca always proving a hit with visitors.

Visit Spain

2. America

Sitting just outside of the Sunday Times Travel Magazine’s top five, the USA featured in second position making it another great destination for 2019. As an incredibly expansive country, the USA boasts the ability to cater to all needs and is therefore a perfect choice for our top five destinations of 2019.

Those interested in getting the full American experience should consider taking a holiday along famous Route 66. This is a popular holiday choice for British visitors and takes place along a 2448 mile road between Chicago and Los Angeles. See experiences here.

Alternatively Florida holidays prove a popular choice for families with theme parks and beaches galore.

Route 66

3. Australasia

This exotic continent is another great holiday destination for 2019, with Australia and New Zealand growing in popularity. The Great Barrier Reef is always a popular attraction for visitors but there is far more to see at this end of the world than that. New Zealand’s landscape has been made more famous by its use in the popular Lord of the Rings films whilst Australia water sports remain a popular activity for those visiting the Australian coast.

Perth is a huge hotspot with tourists as the city is lucky to have warm sunny days all year round. There are several beaches nearby allowing you to take a dip in the cool waters. If you are planning your holiday to Perth, make sure you have your airport transfers booked.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef