Thermal travel mug

The Double Shot – Cafetiere Travel Mug (Thermal)

Award winning design – “Best New Product” SCAA 2005.

Have you ever wanted to drink quality coffee whilst on the move?

With this clever travel mug this becomes an easy process. A lid is provided with a built in plunger. As with a cafetiere all you do is place the ground coffee straight into the mug. Add the hot water. Push the lid on with the plunger up. Wait for the desired time and then push the plunger down. There is no need to remove the plunger as it’s patented design stops the coffee from over extracting. You are ready to go. As with a standard travel mug, you drink through the lid. This well thought-out design includes a compartment to store ground coffee, so once you have finished your time at work, you can make a fresh cup for the return journey.

  • Unique patented plunger to ensure coffee does not over extract.
  • Easy to clean and top shelf dishwasher safe.
  • Keeps coffee hot for up to 2 hours.
  • Includes compartment to carry extra ground coffee.
  • Includes a standard lid for other drinks.