Top 3 Europe destinations

Top 3 Europe destinations

It is true that there are many places in Europe where you can travel but it is also important that they are places where you would enjoy being on holiday

So now you may be thinking what are the best places in Europe to travel where I would really enjoy myself?



France is known to be a very charming and romantic country where many people travel to not just because of the language and because of the atmosphere itself too.

Things to do in comlar

In comlar there are many things which you could do such as going to

The  Unterlinden Museum which is a Local art & history in former convent.

There is also places which you could visit such as the  lll River, canal and cathedral

The Ancienne Douane which is a Circa-15th-century former customs house

Lastly, there is La Petite Venise which is a Seasonal Italian fare in an upscale spot which is really beautiful and has a historic setting with a courtyard & seasonal entrees, plus beer & wine.

2. Croatia

Hvar island

Hvar island is know as of the most beautiful islands in Europe because of the glamorous quality of life and its amusing landscapes crystal clear waters its culture which is very important.

Things to do in Hvar island

Going to the Paklinski Islands Archipelago for boating & water sports is a great way to spend your holiday

Stari Grad Plain Wine would be a good place to visit as it is an agricultural landscape that was set up by the ancient Greek colonists in the 4th century BC.

Lastly, Šćedro is an island in the Adriatic Sea s off the south coast of the island of Hvar, Croatia it is very beautiful and tropical


Southern Peninsula

Iceland is country which is well known for the Glaciers, Waterfalls, Northern Lights and The Golden Circle.its a very attractive place to go to as it has many great and wonderful places to visit. It can be a very calming experience to go on holiday to Iceland

Things to do in the southern peninsula

Visit the Blue Lagoon which is a geothermal spa with an outdoor lagoon popular spa destination featuring an outdoor lagoon with mineral-rich waters in a lava field.

Viking World Modern museum featuring exhibits on Viking history & culture, including a replica ship.